Why you need less noise for work and for your personal wellbeing

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24 February 2017
Why you need less noise for work and for your personal wellbeing

Silence is forever becoming a rarity in the modern day. Odds are, you can  hear something now. Whether that would be cars passing by, a merge of conversations or people clicking a mouse (yes, that is what I’m hearing right this second). So what would it be like without any sound?

Anechoic Chamber

With acoustic technology and knowledge we can find that out, by using anechoic chambers. Anechoic chambers being “an-echoic” meaning non-echoing. Some of the chambers can reach levels of 99.9% sound absorbent. One of the chambers in the Microsoft campus broke the World Record at achieving -20.6 dBA. But at these levels, it can have a negative impact on you, after some time you will begin hallucinating. Just to give you an indication of how quiet these rooms can get. Once entering an anechoic chamber, you will be able to hear your lungs and your heart beating.

So noise is required, but it needs to be in the goldilocks zone.

Potential problems with noise.

Most of us know that loud blasts or rock concerts can damage our hearing, due to the pain threshold of our ears. But it’s not only the sounds which surpass our thresholds but it’s also prolonged noise, which causes the majority of issues.

Prolonged noise such the noises I can hear now “cars passing by, a merge of conversations or people clicking a mouse” causes distractions which consequently cause a dip in productivity – and sanity, now for a employers perspective its wasted money, as you’re not getting the most product task force.

Excessive Noise

A constant flow of noise (even at lower dB levels) can cause conditions such as Tinnitus, which is ringing in the ears – for more information about tinnitus, I’d recommend visiting the NHS website Here. Studies have also found excessive noise has relations to high blood pressure (which further effects the brain and kidneys), sleep less, heart disease and stress.


When you can achieve silence (not going into minus dB levels like an anechoic chamber) it has serious benefits. Silence allows for your brain to process less, like a computer. Your brain needs to process everything you hear, so by eliminating the noise it’s less work for your brain. With that less processing power required, your brain can focus more on what you’re doing. Studies have also shown the brain goes into a “relaxed” state similar readings of the state in meditation.


Don’t allow noise to negatively affect your health and productivity, as there as ways to reduce echoes and noises from coming into your space. For more information don’t hesitate to contact one of our offices to discuss how we can help.


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