What Type Of Soundproof Flooring Do I Need?

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24 October 2016
What Type Of Soundproof Flooring Do I Need?

You have an acoustical problem, and require a floor to put things straight. But which flooring do you go with? With the overwhelming amount of options for soundproof flooring, it can be difficult to find a flooring which is suitable for you. Whether you require the soundproof flooring to work with underfloor heating systems or restrict its height due to low floor to ceiling height space available.

That’s why we have put together 3 simple yet effective questions, to guide you in the right path. Our new “What type of soundproof flooring do you need?” quiz, will go through your answers and analyse which flooring option is best suited for your application.

We believe this way is less time consuming than traditional ways, where you may’ve been required to do personal research into the best application. This quiz will hopefully make your buying experience easier and more effective. When doing your own research, could’ve lead to false information or even hour by the computer, it didn’t make sense.

If you require any soundproof flooring, or just want to check out our new quiz, here it is:


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