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05 April 2016
UKAS 2.0

As you can probably tell, we here at UK Acoustic Systems are always eager to grow and implement the latest cutting edge technologies available, and as you can see from this new fantastic website, our digital side is no exception to that.

As part of our exciting re-brand, we decided to combine and upgrade both of our existing websites (one for the supply side of the company, another for the install) into this new site, meaning that you can find out about the wide range of things we do all on one site.

We have also unveiled our new refined logo, as part of this new re-brand, in order to maintain our update to our stylish new house style. The logo incorporates our new choice of font, the company colours and a soundwave, which we feel is a stylish and effective way in to further empthasize what we do. The K in the logo also makes use of a reduction symbol (I<), which is another subtle way to display what we do. We are updating all sides of our business, and as such we also have many more exciting new things in store such as an office re-brand, new packaging and print material, and a new animated video, all of which we will be revealing over the coming weeks.

Our website has been designed in order to maximise user experience, so you can find information about us, what we do and our acoustical solutions easier than ever before. Over time, this site will have more and more content, such as our latest news, new product information, recruitment opportunities, this blog, and our latest case studies, so make sure to check back often to see all of the exciting things we are doing.

In addition to this website, we now have a number of social media accounts, which we plan to put useful and regular content on. We’ll be sharing information about what we are getting up too, life at the company, product information and so much more, so be sure to connect with us on those to keep up to date with everything we are doing! We currently have a presence on LinkedIn, TwitterFacebook, YouTube, Google+, Vimeo and Pinterest, so we should hopefully have something for everybody.

We are incredibly proud and excited to reveal these new platforms and this next stage of our growth. We have many more exciting things in store coming up soon, with our recent brand update, so make sure to keep checking back! We’re looking forward to this exciting new chapter in our business and showing you everything we have in store.

-The UK Acoustic Systems Team


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