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19 September 2019
Commercial property with underfloor heating


UK Acoustic Systems is recognised as one of the leading installers of acoustic solutions nationwide. Successfully supplying and installing soundproofing and sound absorption solutions for a wide variety of UK companies across all industries and can demonstrate a proven track record with over 50 years of experience.

We install the highest quality soundproofing, sound absorption and products available on the market, whilst providing a value engineering option in all cases when possible.

Acoustic Flooring

Sound treatment is a design consideration for many buildings in order to reduce noise disturbance and enhance the quality of sound. Selecting acoustic flooring materials is crucial to effective sound treatment. 

UK Acoustic Systems has been involved with many renowned projects including, The University of London, North Hampton University, Centre Point, London Skyscraper, and Campden Hill, Holland Park Villas. Our floor soundproofing solutions reduce airborne and impact noise in many applications. 

We have a variety of acoustic solutions which can be tailored to the requirements of the sector, for example, a school sports hall or residential apartments.

Sound Absorption

Sound Absorption systems work by using acoustical proficient materials to absorb sound that hits its surface. Once absorbed, the high density of the material will trap the sound waves, in thus lessening echoes and noise levels within the space.

With modern designs wanting noise enhancing hard solid surfaces, our sound absorption range is perfect for maintaining space designs, through aesthetically pleasing product finishes with exceptional acoustical properties. To reduce reverberation times within the area, allowing for a more comfortable environment.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating systems are becoming increasingly popular as a form of heating buildings. Underfloor heating provides evenly distributed heat compared to traditional radiators as well as extra space. UFH contributes to cleaner air by reducing the circulation of dust and bacteria caused by convection currents.

Whilst underfloor heating can supply improved heating efficiency. Underfloor heating run at much lower temperatures than other heating systems due to the increased surface of the heat output area, this works well in combination with efficient condensing boilers, heat pumps and other energy-efficient heat sources.


Our focus is to identify and solve the individual needs of our clients, providing tangible solutions that look as good as they sound. In order to do this we install the highest quality soundproofing and sound absorption products available on the market, whilst providing a value engineering option in all cases when possible.

Our ranges are suitable for large commercial properties or smaller domestic projects. No matter what project, our design team will ensure a beneficial acoustic system or an effective heating plan.


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