22 December 2018
Holland Park

Holland Park Villas has set a new benchmark for quality in the super-prime central London residential development market. Unparalleled interior finishes combined with exceptional landscapes to show what a truly world-class team can deliver.

On arrival, an impressive 30 year old Acer Palmatum tree takes centre stage. Granite paving, hornbeam trees, ornamental planting and a water wall further add to this sense of elegance and quality.

This level of quality and attention to detail continues to areas not easily seen by the new tenants. Around 13,200 m2 of Knauf GIFAfloor FHB was installed as a raised access floor system. Chosen primarily for the ease of maintenance and future extensions of the underfloor network, the system is also an integral part of the underfloor heating system.

Not only does the Knauf GIFAfloor FHB demonstrate its practical heating properties, but the new apartments will also benefit from the pleasant acoustic characteristics of the floor system.