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Sound Absorption
20+ Wood Finishes
Class A
Endless Styles
Can be printed on
Any Ral
Contours around curves
Suitable for homeowners, whether your project is a renovation or new build.
Suitable for contractors, small or large.
Suitable for professionals, such as architects, specifiers and developers.

About timber systems

Absorb-R WoodTec Panels are designed to reduce noise levels projected by speakers, musicians and other sound events, perforated wood panels decrease sound reverberation within a building so sound does not disturb adjoining rooms in the same building. Our timber panel systems are uniquely perforated allowing them to absorb and centralize sound waves. In addition, these specialist panels can be suspended from ceilings to further reduce noise levels and echoing. Absorb-R Woodtec offers maximum acoustic comfort and subsequently reducing any mental fatigue caused by high reverberation times.
Available for both wall and ceiling coverings. These are suited to public buildings such as conference rooms, atriums, concert halls and auditoria. For use in universities and schools and other areas where high traffic is normal Woodtec offers a high impact panel solution. There is a wide range of options when it comes to surfaces and finishes, so there are many possibilities to vary the look and feel of the finished room. With the Woodtec Panel System, we have a combined unique design with flexible installation methods.

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