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Underfloor Heating
High Load
Versatile Pipe Layouts
Even heat Distribution
Low Cost Install
Suitable for homeowners, whether your project is a renovation or new build.
Suitable for contractors, small or large.
Suitable for professionals, such as architects, specifiers and developers.

About structural systems

Typical installations take place in airport hangars, car showrooms, warehouses or anywhere, when point loading can be usually high. Which require a under floor heating system to be incorporated into a structural floor build up.
High density flooring insulation panels of the required specification are laid over the complete floor area which is overlaid with a reinforcing mesh onto which the underfloor heating pipework is clipped or tied.
Pipework should be laid as per the designs supplied. All pipework loops should come together at the central manifold. This form of heating can also be used for driveway heating and other external applications. In these situations it is critical that the system is dosed with an antifreeze mix to prevent damage to pipework in cold weather.

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