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Underfloor Heating
Even heat Distribution
Maximium Output
Suits Irregularities
Low Cost Install
Quick Install
Suitable for homeowners, whether your project is a renovation or new build.
Suitable for contractors, small or large.
Suitable for professionals, such as architects, specifiers and developers.

About screeded systems

Screed UFH systems rely on the thermal conductivity of screed from the pipework, to transfer to the floor finish. Screed systems recent advancements within the building industry now mean that screed systems are not just a ground floor solution, which is typically perceived. Screeded systems are becoming more popular in on upper floor levels as well due to the systems effective conductivity. With an evenly distributed heat output of over 100W/m²*, this is the most efficient type of underfloor heating system available on the market.
Our screed systems comprise of three main products, Staples, Clip Rail or Clip Plate. Selecting a system more suited to yourself is mainly down to a balance of cost and speed of installation of each.

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