AcousticBespokeFloatingLow ProfileScreededStructural


Underfloor Heating
Quick Install
Wide Range of Applications
Fits over existing floors
Versatile Pipe Layouts
Suitable for homeowners, whether your project is a renovation or new build.
Suitable for contractors, small or large.
Suitable for professionals, such as architects, specifiers and developers.

About floating systems

Our floating floor systems are designed to accommodate applied loads with minimum compression. Using high density XPS insulation our floating floor systems are able to withstand both occasional and long term static loads. These systems can be laid directly onto an existing floor making them suitable for renovations and installations on upper floor levels.
Floating floors are very popular in renovation projects, this type of floor construction can be laid onto any existing concrete floor and is an alternative to a screed between battens or a aluminium plate method. Floating floors provide a level of thermal insulation even when floor build up needs to be kept to a minimum.
This type of installation is used when the existing floor cannot be altered. The panels are designed to be laid over the existing timber or concrete floor and are grooved to allow the pipework to be installed within the panels. The floating floor method is ideal for existing properties where the biggest challenge for adding to an existing floor (retrofit) is the floor height that’s why our panels are kept to a minimum of 25mm thick plus the structural flooring.

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