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Acoustic Plaster

Sound Absorption
Seamless Aesthetics
Class A
3 Textures
Easy To Repair
Contours around curves
Suitable for homeowners, whether your project is a renovation or new build.
Suitable for contractors, small or large.
Suitable for professionals, such as architects, specifiers and developers.

About acoustic plaster systems

Absorb-R GypLine αw (also commonly known as an “Acoustic Spray Plaster”) is an extremely flexible seamless sound absorption system. It is a non-perforated, continuous acoustic cladding consisting of a mineral fibre panel with a layer of micro-porous plaster made from marble powder. GypLine αw is a flexible panel and behaves as a membrane absorber providing excellent sound absorption through the entire frequency range. It is non-combustible (A2-s1, d0) and can be installed on flat, horizontal, vertical and pitched surfaces, vaulted ceilings and surfaces with irregular forms. It can be used to clad areas with infinitive areas without joints.
The name GypLine αw evokes the functionality of the product. Absorb-R GypLine αw acoustic wall and ceiling seamless acoustic spray plaster system has a structure that once applied acts as a membrane absorber reducing sound reflections making this product an excellent sound absorber. GypLine αw dampens noise, absorbs airborne noise thus contributing to restful acoustics within educational, leisure, residential, industrial and public spaces.

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