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25 July 2016
Our New Animation

When planning our re-brand, earlier this year, we realised the need for a video that shows what we do. We thought of a number off different ideas, differing in length, format and content. We eventually decided to go for an animation, as we felt that this was a unique way to explain the company background, allowing show what we are all about. We also hope this animation will inform and educate about acoustics and how we use our technology to resolve potential acoustical problems within different scenarios.

This animation describes a number of our case studies and how we managed to provide bespoke acoustical solutions each time. We show the client, the product used and where it was used on the building. Our reasoning for choosing to show these case studies in particular is that they show a few of our customers that have chose us to provide the right bespoke solution for them, as well as featuring many of the sectors we worked on projects for, such as education, commercial, leisure and hotels.

During the animation we also use the example of poor acoustics affecting customers in a restaurant. We decided to use this example specifically, as restaurants frequently suffer from poor acoustics, statistics show 8/10 people* leave a restaurant early due to poor acoustics. Owners and staff, like any other business can also be affected by getting used to poor acoustics, meaning that guests can feel uncomfortable with the sound levels, but staff wont be able to tell. We used this example in order to illustrate how our technology can drastically improve room comfort.

You can check out our Animation here:


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