Office Upgrade – Part 2

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29 April 2016
Office upgrade p2

Since our first post about the current office upgrade in the Manchester office, we have continued with our plans for the upgrade, adding a number of new improvements and features, further contributing to the fact that UK Acoustic Systems is a fantastic place to work.

One of our great new features is our decorative vinyl’s, which help improve the look of the room and motivation. These have been created specifically for the areas they are based in. For example, near the Marketing Departments desks, we have a motivational image, featuring the logos of a number of different online platforms available for marketing, while in our kitchen, which is overlooking a canal, we use part of the landscape image we have been using on our media such as the animation, that features a body of water with boats.

We have added some more creative boards within the office, which the teams have been using in order to come up with brand new ideas and note down notes/objectives. One example is the one featured at the bottom of this post, which the Marketing team have been using to come up with future ideas.

We have also taken steps to further improve the boardroom. We have a new vinyl on the window of the door, talking about it being a quiet zone. This goes with the noise awareness aspect of our brand, while also acting as a method to show what the room is, preventing interruptions. We have arranged for a vinyl cover to be placed on our door, fitting in with the office theme and providing further decoration to the office.

It is easy to mistake the boardroom table as a bespoke brand new table with our design. However surprisingly, this is far from the case. Indeed, the design is new, however the table was originally a plain wooden table, that after years of use was damaged in certain areas. Using enamel paint (and nailing down the edge strips), we managed to save the table, due to our ethos of wasting as little materials as possible. This new design looks effective, adds durability and displays our logo prominently. It is a perfect centrepiece for the room.

Finally, we covered one of our kitchen walls with a vinyl, featuring a map of the local area around the office. It looks fantastic and works well for the kitchens character and bringing it to life. It can also be quite handy for our employees as well, seeing routes around the area.

We have been planning this upgrade for a while and we are incredibly pleased to finally be able to show it to you. We feel that this office upgrade will further improve the working environment within the Manchester Office, having a positive effect on motivation, productivity and comfort, one of the many reasons why UK Acoustic Systems is a great place to work.

We are looking forward to seeing these benefits in action and the rest of the benefits the everything else we have instore for this brand update will bring, as we grow as a business. Keep checking back on here and the rest of the site, to see what else we are updating and further information on how we work as a business.

Boardroom table with UKAS design Vinyl with a map of the local neighborhood A body of water with boats UKAS Creative Board Creative social media animation Vinyl on the door "SHH...QUIET ZONE"


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