Office Upgrade – Part 1

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25 April 2016
Office upgrade p1

As part of our recent brand growth, we recently increased the size of our team. In particular, we took on a number of staff in our head office, in Manchester. As such we reorganised the office, adding new workstations, equipment and storage areas, moving our conference room to another area, in order to add a whole new office space.

As our brand upgrade was happening at the same time, we decided to implement and plan an office redesign, which is currently being installed. We are working with a local vinyl installation agency to give the office a visual upgrade, with numerous new features. We have done this in order to not only make the office match our new theme, but to also provide a pleasant, motivational and useful work environment for everyone working here.

We have incorporated our new house style into all of our new decorations and features, both using our company colours and a pictogram style, giving our office a unique look.

One cool new feature is our wall banners, one of which features the company logo, the other a motivational quote. These are designed to be motivational and look fantastic on what otherwise would be empty walls.

We have vinyl creative boards and planner tables on our walls, capable of being drawn upon. This is great for efficiency and productivity, helping us plan our tasks and come up with new ideas. We even have a coffee board, to measure how much coffee/tea we go through during day and to make notes on, perfect for measuring how much coffee/tea we need (as an office of coffee drinkers, this tends to be a lot).

However, the feature we were most excited about is our new case study displays on our walls. In our main office room, we have fabric panels, showing off which products we installed on projects, similar to those used within our animation. In the conference room we also have examples of our written case studies on our wall (which you can find here). This means that when you come into our office, you can see some of the great work we have done, providing soundproofing and sound absorption solutions to innovative projects.

Overall we are really pleased with how the office is turning out. We are currently rolling out the next stage of this visual update, with the installation of more wall coverings, and further changes to the conference room, so expect further updates on here soon. We’re looking forward to when it’s complete, helping make the office even nicer than it is already and further proving that UK Acoustic Systems is a fantastic environment to work in.

Case study displays on a wall Vinyl banner Wall design, pictogram Motivational quote wall banner Vinyl planner table Creative vinyl wall design Coffee board Vinyl UKAS logo on a glass door Creative vinyl board Case study displays on a wall Vinyl banner with UKAS design Kitchen and coffee board


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