Leisure Sector

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01 December 2018
Leisure Sector

The leisure and entertainment industry is ever growing and developing at pace with new technologies and these facilities due to their nature and purpose can and do generate high levels of noise.

Whether it is a nightclub, theatre, gym or a sports hall, there is a need to ensure that noise produced stays within its boundaries, reducing crossover to neighbouring rooms and properties especially as many leisure facilities are located in the centre of highly populated areas.

It is good business practice to ensure that noise produced from a facility is kept within its boundaries. This is in fact a legal requirement that must be adhered to. The Noise Abatement Act (1960), outlined this initially and subsequently there have been many more up to date acts passed to support and regulate noise management within the leisure industry. Examples include: –

Section 5 of the Noise Act (1996)

The Noise Policy Statement, England (2010)

Permitted Level of Noise Directions, England (2008)

The Noise Abatement Act of 1960, outlined this initially and since then there have been various other acts passed to support and regulate noise management in the leisure industry (Section 5 of the Noise Act 1996, The Noise Policy Statement for England of March 2010, Permitted Level of Noise (England) Directions of 2008).

Many entertainment venues such as cinemas, arcades, theatres and fitness clubs have consulted with our specialist team to assist in the overall acoustic impact to help provide their service users with an enhanced experience.  Such types of establishments have benefited from our soundproofing and sound absorption solutions to reduce the overall acoustic impact on their surroundings.

With over 30 years experience within the field of acoustics, we have an extensive portfolio of case studies within the leisure sector. With this knowledge we are able to provide our clients with a broad range of advice, products and services to help them in achieving greater acoustical results.

Once our team have conducted a thorough analysis of your requirements, we will then provide a full survey and detailed quotation inclusive of plans and timescales of works. We will put forward our solutions, and highlight a clear breakdown of areas.

Please also note that our acoustic consultants will be happy to provide you with any technical advice or answer any concerns you may have during the project.


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