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03 May 2016
Employee Perspective -Anthony

In my two months working for UK Acoustic Systems, I have found it to be an interesting, exhilarating and a rewarding place to work. It’s fantastic to be able to go into work every day and work on delivering innovative solutions with a fantastic, dedicated team of experts.

I’m Anthony, and I’m our Digital Marketing Apprentice, one of the number of new team members that have been brought on as our business grows.

In this post, I am going to talk about my experience so far, and why I think UKAS is brilliant to work for, giving an insight into how we work.

My Role

As a Digital Marketing Apprentice, I work as part of the marketing department to help increase our exposure.

There are a number of aspects to my role. One aspect is the creation of online content for the business. One example of this is the blog, where I am responsible for the creation of the content within each of our posts, as well as designing the headings we have used for each piece. I was also quite heavily involved in the planning and implementation of the website, alongside the Marketing Manager. This involved helping to plan the site, writing numerous sections/pages and sourcing/producing images. I also assist in the copywriting and formatting of any new case studies.

As well as written content, I am also responsible for the creation and procurement of many of the images you can find on our blog or social media posts. In the near future I will be responsible for the creation of video content.

My other main responsibility is running our social media campaign and creating and implementing out social media strategies; creating and posting content, interacting with other users and managing the design of the profile. My main aim is to increase our social exposure and provide an interesting and useful stream of content for our customers, partners and the general public.

In addition to this, I help out with additional admin work, assist resolve IT problems and work with our IT Manager to manage our infrastructure.

Why I love working for UK Acoustic Systems

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at UK Acoustic Systems so far. Not only is my role interesting, challenging and fun, but I have also gained valuable experience from the amount of responsibilities I have been given, much more than I was originally expecting to be given at an apprentice level. This means that I am receiving a level of knowledge and skills that are not matched by many other companies. Allowing me to personally grow and improve in my field.

I love the atmosphere we have within the company as well, as cliché as it may sound, we are unique amongst many organisations in the fact that we work excellently, in a dynamic, cohesive and efficient unit. Our fantastic team work excellently with each other. One of the things that struck me when I joined was the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the team, meaning that I look forward to working with a brilliant team of experts every day. Another thing that appeals to me is that everyone in the company is given a voice, with everyone’s ideas being considered, regardless of seniority.

Overall, I think working with UK Acoustic Systems is a rewarding, enjoyable and an overall fantastic experience. If you like the idea of working with a fantastic team in an exciting, ever changing environment, check out our recruitment page here.

If you like the sound of our fantastic, efficient, experienced team of experts and want to make a supply/installation enquiry, click here.


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