Acoustics In Your Home

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27 April 2017
Acoustics In Your Home

The issues that residential buildings face are from impact and airborne sound travelling throughout the structure. Residential buildings include; apartment blocks, student accommodation, care homes and hotels, from single dwellings to multi-story occupancy.

Airborne noise is typically generated from sources such as voices, music systems or TV sets travelling through the air into adjoining rooms. Whereas impact noise comes from footfall, moving furniture and dropped items on the floor, sending vibration throughout the structure of the building.

With any living environment, noise levels can be vital to mental health and sleep deprivation, no matter what house type you may live in, whether that may be a flat, semi-detached or detached, noise can pass through the walls or flooring.

With our extensive knowledge of soundproofing and sound absorption, we are able to identify and provide expert advice and solutions on any noise issues for both new build projects or refurbishments, whether governed by Approved Part E of the Building Regulations or purely for an upgrade of the current structure to improve quality of living.

Our sales team are able to provide and start to finish solution, from receiving your enquiry to guiding you with the installation or answering any installation concerns. We believe this allows every party to be well informed about the process and relaxed.

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