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19 May 2020

Due to the continued success and recent expansions, UK Acoustic Systems can now offer a complete package. From sourcing the raw materials, manufacturing the products to finally installing the complete acoustic system; we aim to take over the whole process if requested. If you’re a quantity surveyor, estimator or a project manager we’re making it easier for you to increase your profit margins, meet client requirements and exceed quality expectations.

How This Helps Estimators & Quantity Surveyors

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Using us to supply and install a full flooring system which also includes underfloor heating solutions, enables the Estimator and Quantity Surveyor to use just one contractor to take control of the full flooring package. A major benefit to this is reassurance for the estimator that we confidently have the ability to control many aspects, decreasing the dreaded headaches that can come from dealing with many contractors at once for the same project. We can handle it all!

We currently completed a supply and install package for Bam Construct UK, at The University of Lancaster (UCLAN) Engineering & Innovation Centre. We manufactured and installed two separate products; Absorb-R Woodtec and Absorb-R SofTone. One of our value engineering (VE) options offer a cost-effective solution that complies with regulations that have been designed and engineered for the acoustic industry by Acousticians; manufactured using high-end materials and installed exactly how it was intended. 

Future Plans

UK Acoustic Systems have always been heavily involved in acoustic flooring and sound absorption systems, firmly placing ourselves as one of the leading installers within the industry. With the acquisition of 16,000 sq.ft warehouse space, we have now moved into manufacturing, offering our clients a manufacturing and installation package as a whole if required. In addition, from March 2020, we are delighted to announce that we will also be offering underfloor heating solutions too.


We believe that having a sole supplier is essential for the reduction of manufacturing and overhead expenses. Over the past few years, we have invested heavily in manufacturing and production, thus opening a Warehouse Facility. By doing so, we have been able to reduce expenses and in turn, increase profit margins for our clients whilst keeping our product sources all from the same location. Our systems can be specified to your individual project needs so please, if you are in need of acoustic advice for your project, please give us a call on 0330 055 7569 or click here.


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