Sound Absorption

UK Acoustic Systems, are one of the leading suppliers of sound absorption products. With the ability to supply bespoke product designs, our aesthetically pleasing products are great for any project, suffering from reverberation. The Absorption range include solutions for; walls and ceilings, in final finishes of timber, fabric and seamless plaster designs.

The majority of commercial spaces are negatively affected by poor acoustics through solid surfaces such as tables and walls, phones ringing, and day to day conversation. In addition to this, morale and productivity can be affected negatively, as shown in the past by various studies made by the educational sector.

By installing sound absorption systems, we can reduce the reverberation times and overall noise levels of a commercial environment. Our commercial systems include; a seamless spray plaster, durable acoustic wall and ceiling panels and stylish timber veneered paneling all part of our Absorba range.

Here are a few of our Health & Safety accreditations;

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