Project – Premier Inn, Media City

15th June 2017 - in:
  • Location: Media City, Salford
  • Client: Bowmer & Kirkland
  • Area: 3,480m2
  • Product: UKAS Acoustic Cradle with 18mm P5 T&G Chipboard
Premier Inn, Media City

Media City, home to the likes of BBC, ITV, Lowry Outlet and Coronation Street is an ever-growing digital space. Today there are some 250 businesses employing 7,000 people in the area, which is forever growing. Forecasts indicate the area to double in size by 2026, due to a one billion pound plan given the green. As a result, more and more people are wanting to get in quick, to claim their space in this new digital hub.

In conclusion to the Media City plans. Premier Inn sought the opportunity and built a new 112 bedroom hotel to cope with the growing demand. With four floors dedicated to the hotel and an additional six floors dedicated to companies. During the construction of the new build, we were called upon into the situation to offer a supply and installation of approximately 3,480 m2. The project consisted of 20mm UKAS Acoustic Cradle along with 18mm P5 T&G Chipboard with Acoustic mineral wool, helping cut any passing airborne noise but also to soak up the impact noise, before passing through the structure.

Without any acoustical products, sound transmission would’ve been very noticeable. As noise would’ve been able to pass through the floors into multiple rooms, as a result, causing increased dB levels per room. However, with the use of these specialist acoustical products, we are able to keep sound transmission to a minimium, allowing Premier Inn guests to have a good nights sleep.


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