Dramatically reduces reverberation times

Ideal for restaurants & bars, as modern designs are for flat solid surfaces such as marble (to which increase reverberation times)

Adds to the experience of the food/drink as your customers will be able to talk normally, opposed to being forced to shout

Can be made in bespoke colours or finishes

Solutions are versatility to suit any space or design

Acoustics can play a key role in bars and restaurants. This is because in these environments, keeping noise levels low is a priority, in order to maintain a comfortable atmosphere for patrons. In addition, having good acoustics benefits audibility of conversation, meaning that conversations, such as between patrons or patrons and staff, are much easier to understand for the parties involved. This can also benefit venues with music playing, or where entertainment is performed, allowing the intended audience to hear and understand it better.

We have a wide range of both visible and hidden sound absorption technologies. With our extensive range of tools, knowledge and expertise, we are able to provide the best-quality acoustical solution for any type of bar or restaurant.

For more information on available Restaurant & Bar Solutions, contact one of our offices, alternatively fill in the contact form and one of our technical specialists will be able provide you with a tailored solution for your premises. We can also provide you with a 3D view of how your premises will look like after the installation process.

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