Product: Acoustic Wall Panels

Location: Wirral, Merseyside

Client: Wirral Council

Area: 71m2

Project Scope

Noise levels can have a massive effect on education, affecting concentration, motivation and productivity. As such, schools need to ensure they are keeping noise to the lowest levels possible.

We supplied Acoustic Wall Panels to Observatory School on behalf of Wirral Council, in order to help deal with the reverberation issues they were having. The Absorba Acoustic Wall Panels have superb sound absorption capabilities, which can significantly reduce reverberation times within rooms. These panels also look great, being available in a wide variety of both standard and bespoke sizes and patterns, meaning that they are suitable for any indoor environment.

Our team quickly provided the school with these panels, made to their specification. These panels can be installed quickly and easily, meaning that the school was able to install the panels themselves in just a short amount of time, minimising disruption for school.

The school was extremely satisfied with these panels, as they provided a cost-effective, stylish solution to the reverberation issues within the school, helping contribute to the excellent learning environment within.

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