Product: CMS Superphon Acoustic Wall Panels

Client: Caledonian Modular

Location: London

Area: 78m2

Project Scope

Hatcham Temple Grove School is a specialist Music and ICT academy, educating children from Nursery to Sixth Form through the use of excellent, innovative, personalised learning and specialised teaching. The school is located in New Cross, South London

UK Acoustic Systems began work in 2015, supplying and installing 72 sq metres of CMS Superphon Hi-Impact Acoustic Fabric Wrapped 40mm Wall Panels. These high performance Class ‘A’ Sound Absorption Panels were required to deliver a highly effective soundproofing solution for reverberation control within the Main Hall at this project.

The CMS Superphon Hi-Impact Acoustic Wall Panels are specifically suited for reverberation control and sound absorption, working very efficiently in schools, cinemas, offices, bars and restaurants where noise build up is most likely to be a problem. CMS Superphon Acoustic Panels, Baffles and Rafts are perfect for significantly reducing reverberation times within a room by absorbing any soundwaves bouncing from reflective wall, floor and window surfaces.

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