Product: Acoustic Spray Plaster

Location: Clarendon

Client: Church Of Christ The King

The Clarendon Villas site (Church of Christ the King, Brighton) suffered from the high levels of reverberation within the church, due to large walls and solid reflecting surfaces.

UK Acoustic Systems was brought in to suggest a fix and to resolve the problem. This project was one of the first of its kind for UKAS, as not only was this one of our first projects working in a religious building, but it was also one of our first sound absorption projects.

Our solution was to install an Acoustic Spray Plaster System with a smooth plastered finish. We chose this product due to it’s effectiveness as a sound absorber. As its ideal for reducing reverberation times, in addition to the quick speed of installation, minimising disruption to the church. This solution contoured perfectly with the layout of the structure, as it seamlessly applied to curves and the geometric shapes in the spaces.

Secondly, we installed SuperPhon panels, for their acoustical properties and decorative finish, to further reduce reverberation times.

The installation of these systems was a huge success, dramatically reducing reverberation times within the room and improving comfort and audibility within, with a seamless plaster and decorative fabric panels.

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