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UK Acoustic Systems are recognised as one of the leading providers of soundproofing and sound absorption solutions for the commercial, leisure, education and residential sectors.

We have successfully supplied and installed soundproofing solutions for a wide variety of UK companies across all industries and can demonstrate a proven track record with over 30 years of experience and numerous successful installations in that time. UK Acoustic Systems have offices in Manchester, Glasgow and London, helping cut down delivery times and site visits.

UK Acoustic Systems has been set up to address the ever present soundproofing and sound absorption problems faced within both commercial and residential environments.

Our focus is to identify and solve the individual needs of our clients, to provide tangible solutions that look as good as they sound and in order to do this we install the highest quality soundproofing products and sound absorption products available on the market.

Where a problem exists, so does a solution, it’s simply a matter of speaking to the right people. Our experience and knowledge of soundproofing and sound absorption solutions within commercial environments is extensive and our solutions are tailor made to suit our clients’ requirements and their budgets. Our site will provide you with information concerning the specialist processes we work to and the benefits of our soundproofing and sound absorption solutions.

To find out what we can do for you please get in touch with us today by calling us on 0161 727 8877 for our Manchester Office or 0203 598 4940 for our London Offices or 0141 328 2909 for our Glasgow Office. Alternatively you can fill in our contact form online.

Our History


UK Acoustic Systems was started, to help provide acoustical expertise and high performing products to the sector.


UKAS partnered up with CMS Danskin and Knauf


UKAS growth has led to the expansion of two new offices in London and Glasgow.


UKAS experienced a growth spurt, leading to the investment of 7 new members of staff.


UKAS went through a whole new re-brand, focusing investment on pushing our business values.

(you can read more information about the re-brand here)

“I can honestly say that UKAS and their entire staff have been a pleasure to work with on what was an extremely challenging programme and demanding project. With their commitment to Safety, Delivery, Quality, and Commercial value have been of the highest order and I look forward to working with them on future projects.”

- S.McCullagh, Director

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